"Viewing the drawings of Sebastiaan Schlicher means an exceptional encounter. It is the meeting with an artist who conjures up a world that we cannot divine within a few seconds, let alone comprehend. Seeing his work is labouring. It is a heavy encounter. Entering the world of Sebastiaan Schlicher means stepping into a snarl of images, colours and lines, and searching for a core is as difficult as solving a rebus. You are never bored with it. Beauty also lurks in the complexity and dynamics of the work. This beauty is not a fact but an experience, a perception. You cannot claim that Schlicher conjures up pre-constructed beauty for us. His works are raw, intense, and have been realised with an enormous drive. He does not worry about a hand or a face that doesn't look quite right. On the contrary, he plays with almost every element, and his images taunt the classical approach..." (more)

- Arno Kramer (All About Drawing, exhibition catalog, 2011)

The Natives are restless, 2015