Amerikan Teenager

Amerikan Teenager

Working under the pseudonym of Amerikan Teenager, Sebastiaan Schlicher's multimedia works are formally and thematically linked to his drawings. In addition to adopting an unpolished approach to any particular medium, titles, characters and narratives are often re-used or reimagined for specific projects. Working alone or collaborating with his artist collective of the same name, Amerikan Teenager creates installations, videos & musical performances.


Selected installations

Sebastiaan Schlicher, Amerikan Teenager - Disappearer, 2013, Betamax & Digital video --> DVD, single channel, colour, stereo, 52m38s still


Stills, trailers, lyrics & excerpts

Antistar #2, 2009, performative installation, On Joy, Sadness and Desire, SMART Project space, Amsterdam


Performance footage, studio outtakes, bootlegs & rehearsals


"Amerikan Teenager's productivity exists within the context of Schlicher's projects where he constructs and documents installations, stage-sets, music, videos and gigs, playing with the notion of framing and channeling through direction."

Personnel & (past) collaborators:

Isis Bakker, Bas Berends, Marc van den Berg, Matthew F-16, Astrid Bussink, Thomas Craemer, Paul Desborough, Dinotra Emanuelson, Yvo van Gemert, Vincent Gootzen, Hannes Gruber, Rik van Iersel, Yasmijn Jarram, Maarten Kal, Jeroen Kuster, Merlijn Lamerichs, Sabine de Lat, Paul Marchisio, Amina Nehili, Brenda Nijsen, Jonas Ohlsson (Blödfett & DJ Lonely), Geert Jan van Ouwendorp, René Pinger, Lucas Schlicher, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Stefan Sterrenberg, Anneli Telling, Viktor Timofeev, Axel Skovdal Roelofs, Roy Vastenburg, Bartho Waeyen, Vincent van Zelm.