"Rhythms, texts, stripes, lines, hallucinatory visions... His works seem to flow into music and vice versa... Schlicher is not just a good draughtsman or an endearing rough improvisor; he knows how to make visions come alive. He knows both their intimacy and their monumentality" - Bertus Pieters

Sebastiaan Schlicher studied painting and drawing at AKI, Enschede (BA) and received a Master of Fine Art degree in drawing from Wimbledon School of Art, London. Although primarily a drawing artist, Schlicher's practice regularly extends into other media. His work comprises drawing, installation, performance, audio, video, and expanded cinema. Schlicher also works under the pseudonym of Amerikan Teenager. His multimedia works are typically the outcome of collaborations with his artist collective of the same name.

Howdy Conductor, 2013